Celebrating Spring Festival at HHL

Written by Wenshan Li, MBA student

Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China, where it is the cultural symbol of Chinese people reuniting with their families. During this festival, most Chinese people return home to celebrate it with their parents. Spring Festival to Chinese people is the same as Christmas is to the Western people.

However, for the Chinese students at HHL it was impossible to go back home because they are still in the middle of the semester busy for the academic participations. But even a world away from their families, they still gathered together to create the festive atmosphere and celebrate this important festival in their spare time.

Spring Festival celebrations begin on the last day of the Chinese calendar, which is often called Chinese New Year’s Eve. On February 15, 2018 New Year’s Eve, two Chinese girls from the M.Sc. program prepared Chinese food for a party and invited their classmates to their place for celebration. They made and ate dumplings – the traditional Chinese New Year food, and were drinking, singing and dancing the night away.
Celebrations did not stop. After a final exam and some deadlines, students from the MBA program took on the following celebration. The Chinese students, together with students from Taiwan Region, Canada, Russia and Costa Rica held a party on February 24. As the main part of the party, making dumplings and hotpot together played the important roles, and everyone spent a great festival get-together.

“To celebrate Spring Festival in a different country is a different experience to me. Though I was not together with my parents and friends in China, I still did not feel lonely here.” Liz, one of the Chinese M.Sc. students said. She also added that to teach her classmates how to make dumplings was quite interesting, and different shapes of dumplings made the Spring Festival quite joyful. “I love Chinese food, and I think I will buy some materials to make Chinese food in the near future”, one of the MBA students from Russia said.

The evening ended with happy laughter and cheerful voices. For the coming Chinese New Year, good fortune and luck will come along together.