HHL Graduate Co-Founds Beauty Salon Booking Start-up in Southeast Asia

HHL Graduate Co-Founds Beauty Salon Booking Start-up in Southeast Asia

“My wanting to build my own start-up goes back to university times at HHL,” says Pawel Netreba. However, he first wanted to gain management consulting experience to build up his own toolkit. After spending a year and a half at Bain & Company in Moscow, he switched to Booz & Company where he was part of an ambitious team that led the company’s expansion in Russia. One day, he got a call from the Samwer brothers, asking him to join Foodpanda. He couldn’t resist for reasons that were very clear: it was the perfect opportunity to transition from management consulting into the world of start-ups.

Pawel has rocket DNA. When he felt he had learned enough and was ready to set out on his own, he waited for a good time to transition. As Foodpanda is a marketplace, it was natural for Pawel to want to pursue the same kind of business model. The last nudge was when he attended the popular TechFest conference in Vietnam where he bounced his idea off investors. It all started from that. In Kuala Lumpur, Pawel then set up Bfab, a concept for real-time beauty and wellness salon booking, along with two more co-founders, Raeesa Sya and Sergey Gaydar.

“I saw that, on one hand, beauty salons are offline and need more customers, and, on the other, customers would love to have a platform where they can get a transparent overview of all beauty salons they can choose from, filtered for their needs – time, location, category – and book instantly at no additional charge. Bfab combines all these aspects.”

It seems that Pawel’s team has executed well, with Bfab raising funding from investors such as KK Fund, 500 Startups and Captii Ventures even before it launched towards the end of last year.

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