An Opportunity to Obtain a Highly Tailored MBA

Degree at HHL: opportunity to obtain a highly tailored MBA

An interview with Mowafag Abbashar (Sudan)

Would you like to get to know some of our current full-time MBA students and find out more about the diversity of HHL’s MBA class? Our 60 students come from 28 different countries and have diverse academic and professional backgrounds, hobbies, interests, and career goals. They look forward to sharing their personal stories and motivations towards pursuing an MBA at HHL with you. So get ready to discover our HHL family!

Today, Mowafag talks about his 5,000 km journey from Sudan to HHL.

Written by Nataliya Demyanenko – An interview with Mowafag Abbashar (Sudan), full-time MBA student


I’m Moe from Sudan! I’m an engineer by education, a marketer by profession. I joined the MBA with experience working in Telecom marketing and Mobile Financial Services, in addition to co-founding a startup in Sudan.

Motivation for an MBA

Having studied engineering in my bachelor’s degree, I always felt the need for management education to grow my understanding of different business-related topics and take my career to the next level.

Why MBA at HHL?

Initially, HHL was on top of the German business school list; it offers an opportunity to obtain a highly tailored MBA and has an indisputable reputation. Furthermore, what made HHL really pop-out from other schools in Germany was the excellent support of the admissions & student affairs teams that started from the first inquiry email I sent until this day.

Favorite class at HHL

One of the first classes that we were given at HHL was the Problem Solving and Communication and it remains my favorite so far because, in my opinion, it takes logical approaches to tackle everyday work issues and teaches how to employ such approaches in analyzing and solving problems.

Preferred location in Leipzig

My favorite place in Leipzig is “Zentrum”. The city center contains a lot of historical places in addition to offering a large assortment of restaurants, coffee shops and bars. It’s always busy with different markets, events and I discover a new place every time I go there.

Exceptional experience at HHL

My favorite experiences in HHL are all related to the class diversity. Studying with people from different cultures and backgrounds, who have different think-processes has helped me improve my own think-process and see things from a bigger perspective. Moreover, I keep learning something new about a different culture every day. I truly believe that through setting your mind to learn from that challenge, you can achieve personal, academic and professional growth.


MBA as a Catalyst to Hone Big-picture Thinking

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