An Amazing Experience, Which Catapulted Ahead My Career

HHL full-time MBA alumnus Sharique Husain: “It was my experience at HHL and in Berlin that really prepared me for an international career”

After completing his Master studies at HHL, Sharique joined the Berlin based startup Jamba in 2004 where he was involved in product marketing and new market entry. In 2007, he joined a newly formed Italian-Japanese joint venture based in Hongkong where he helped to build the digital & mobile media business in the APAC region. One year later, he moved to Moscow to launch the business in Russia. At the end of 2011, he moved back to Germany and settled in Munich where he then sold the company a few month later to a large Japanese Telco (NTT Docomo).

In 2012, Sharique joined Accenture where it was back then supporting the digital/mobility practice in the DACH region and where he led the mobility strategy practice. At Accenture, “I met some exciting people and in mid-2016 we decided to leave the company to pursue an entrepreneurial career and launched our own start-up”, Sharique said. With his startup he is now active in the area of media-entertainment, advertising and digital commerce when building a context discovery platform that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques of computer vision and deep learning to automatically detect and identify all the elements in the video frames and tag it with contextual metadata.

When Sharique looks back to those times in 2004, he states that things were challenging,…

“as the German economy was flirting with recession with a record high unemployment, labor and work permit laws were stringent which had made the hiring of foreigners more difficult, if not impossible. Applying for jobs online didn’t yield any results. Few concrete job opportunities had emerged (mainly out of HHL career events) but didn’t work out due to work permit issues. As a few former HHL fellows had just returned to Leipzig after completing their internship at a Berlin based startup Jamba they apparently left a very positive impression. They recommended me and I got hired without any formal interview (or to be precise a 3 minutes phone call). I worked there for 6 months, bosses were happy, offered me a full-time position and the company walked several extra miles to organize the work permit for me. After 3 years, I got headhunted (through LinkedIn) for an intrapreneurial role at a joint venture in Hongkong and 5 years later when I came back to Germany I got headhunted (again through LinkedIn) by Accenture.

I did, in fact, come to HHL with a desire to stay in Germany for few years and gain experience but didn’t plan to stay here permanently. Starting my career at Jamba in Berlin in a super international environment was an amazing experience, which catapulted ahead my career and that of so many people. It was my experience at HHL and in Berlin that really prepared me for an international career. I now live in Munich and love it here. Germany is definitely the best place to live and work, as well as start your own business. The country has an extremely high skilled and disciplined workforce, so for as long as you are here, focus on upskilling yourself and take every opportunity to do things which can contribute to your professional and personal development. Build positive relationships and trusted networks with those who you study and work. Don’t waste time in applying for jobs. Companies are a lot more desperate to hire good candidates and will find you. Just make sure to have clarity about the career path you want to choose and be articulate about it.

I am a very loyal HHL alumnus 🙂 and stay in close contacts with HHL and alumni.”


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