A Truly Unique Experience: HHL M.Sc. Student at Bertelsmann Talent Event

HHL M.Sc. Student at Bertelsmann Talent Event

Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2015 was a big networking event and more than 50 students from all over the world had the chance to get to know the international media house Bertelsmann from an inside-perspective at its Berlin Representative Office from June 29 to July 1, 2015.
While participating in challenging workshops, the participants such as HHL M.Sc. students Estelle Zanga took their chances to collaborate with experienced Bertelsmann entrepreneurs on digital business ideas, to network with more than 80 company representatives and to get an individualized career consulting.
In the following statement, Estele Zanga gives her personal report on this event.

“I felt so lucky. From a panel of about 750 applicants I was selected for the “Talent Meets Bertelsmann 2015” event. In total we were 54 students from all over the world and great universities: Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, LSE, etc. Not only bright, but above all very creative minds!
Before theTMB15 event, we were invited to join a Facebook group on which we had to introduce ourselves. With my text, I sent a picture which is rather comical (left).






On the first day of the event, during the organizer’s presentation, that picture was used as his only slide! From that moment, I knew that the event was of a total other kind.TMB15_1






We were told that our only responsibility was to have fun. Well, of course, there was a business issue to solve. I was assigned to team “Beprinters” and I was surprised, as I knew nothing about the printing business. We had indeed a very challenging task, which was basically to generate a new idea that would “save the printing industry” in decline.

On the first day, we made a funny video. On the second day, we had five hours to solve our business case and find entertaining ways to present our solution and a viable business model in front of the Bertelsmann executive board. We had green light for any crazy presentation scheme, especially as we had nothing to lose; it was probably the only time that we could present something in from of a management board without risking to be fired!

We were given a blank room to set our own workplace; with the colors, the furniture (or absence of furniture) we desired. We could work bare feet and sitting on the floor, run through the corridors, etc. Playground! My great and diverse team “Beprinters” and I finally came up with a sort of solution. Our presentation was very funny. I sang, called the CEO by his first name and asked him to play with the audience. My team members acted and the whole audience loved it!

Unfortunately, we didn’t win the final prize. But we had a concert, networking opportunities with Bertelsmann people and alumni of the program, personalized career consulting sessions, and we are all now part of Talent Meets Bertelsmann Community!
The best: I met incredible people and learned so much in such a short time.
Finally, I sincerely hope that more HHL students with creative and bold minds will participate in the upcoming years. It’s such a wonderful networking and entertaining experience!”