A Compass for Good Leadership

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Suchanek, holder of the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

about the Leipzig Leadership Model

“The Leipzig Leadership Model reacts to new challenges for present and future business leaders and thus also MBA students in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex. The model is based on the interplay of its four dimensions of purpose, effectiveness, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit. It  should be seen as a compass for good leadership which aims at creating value for the individual, the organization, and society.

The model serves as a focal point in HHL’s teaching generally, and henceforth also in the MBA programs. Even if leadership as a personal capability can, in a certain sense, not be taught in business schools, we aim at supporting the development of this capability by offering and discussing useful concepts in combination with practical cases and real world examples.”