96 Students From 24 Countries

Enrollment HHL Spring 2016

Start of Studies at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management:  Today, 96 students from 24 countries enrolled in HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management’s matriculation book during a celebratory event.

When welcoming the new students, Dean Prof. Dr Andreas Pinkwart said: “You have made the right decision, you are studying at an excellent academic institution which is ranked among the best in Germany for entrepreneurs. As part of our core topics entrepreneurship, digital leadership and transformation, sustainability and competitiveness, we particularly emphasise ‘smart’ leadership competences which are important in the context of digitalisation”. According to the HHL Dean, with virtualisation on the rise, direct exchanges between people are of great significance for developing leadership competences for coping better with creative, social, intercultural and technological assignments.

With regard to the development of the study programs, Prof. Pinkwart explained: “Our full-time Master of Science in Management program (M.Sc.) and out part-time MBA program are very popular with international applicants, particularly those from Asian countries”. Moreover, the interest in extra-occupational academic management studies remains unbroken. “HHL is one of the few universities in Germany that offers a part-time masters course in management and a part-time MBA program. We are thus making a contribution in closing the nationwide gaps in the Bologna process”, said the HHL Dean.

In his official speech, the HHL alumnus, religious dignitary and senior lecturer Father Prof. Dr. Dr. Justinus C. Pech drew parallels between the “oldest non-profit organisation in the world” and HHL. His speech then focused on the code of honour of the Leipzig management school. It includes integrity, honesty, responsible behaviour, positive community spirit and respecting the individual as central values. Reflecting on this, Father Justinus advised new HHLers: “Treat others with respect”, “be true” and “remember your responsibility towards HHL even after your studies”.

Essential for HHL: Mix of students, international curriculum, excellent business relations and the city of Leipzig’s attractiveness

When asked why new HHL students have enrolled on a master program at Germany’s oldest business school, Bremen-born Johann Plenge, who works as an attorney at RB Leipzig football club, said: “I’m interested in the part-time MBA program because of the exciting national and international fellow students and their complex technical and professional backgrounds”. His fellow student Haley Carney, from Ohio/USA, works as a project manager at Continental in Hannover. She hopes to get a more in-depth insight into international management and marketing and finance from the two-year part-time HHL program. Costa Rican Sebastian Campos would like to profit from the HHL’s widespread network and its business contacts. The student in the HHL’s full-time M.Sc. program says: “HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management was recommended to me by an alumnus who worked in the same company as me in Costa Rica. I read lots about HHL and realised that it is listed as one of the top universities in Germany and Europe. Furthermore, the sustainable partnerships with distinguished German and international companies are very advantageous for HHL students”. A recent newcomer to the exhibition city, the Latin American is already enthusiastic: “Leipzig is perfect for students. The city offers a vibrant student life with a wide range of leisure activities and beautiful sights. I’m looking forward to finding out more about this fascinating city”.

“Mobile citizen case” on March 15 at HHL

Before student life begins for all the new HHLers, bureaucratic issues must first be settled. On the morning of Tuesday, March 15, 2016, the “mobile citizen case” is coming to HHL for this reason. With this new service for citizens, the Leipzig administration team can provide their services in a friendly and flexible way, such as registering or re-registering a residence, or issuing and accepting student applications for the relocation bonus in different locations outside of the authorities, such as at universities. In addition to a high-performance laptop for document applications, the citizen case contains essential components such as a fingerprint scanner, change terminal, scanner, signature pad, and a printer. Leipzig is the first district-free city in the Free State of Saxony to test the mobile citizen case.

Integrated into the HHL curriculum: Business and corporate ethics

The topic of business and corporate ethics is on the new HHL students’ timetable this week. This year, the event content will focus on initiatives within the textile industry. During the day, the new HHLers will develop their own opinions and present them. The event will take place at the Wittenberg Centre for Global Ethics in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and is led by the Dr. Werner Jackstädt Chair of Economic and Business Ethics at HHL.

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