50 Percent Salary Increase: Thanks to Master Degree in Management

The graduates of the part-time Master in Management (M.Sc.) program at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management were able to generate a salary increase averaging 50 percent after completing their studies. An HHL survey amongst the part-time M.Sc. graduates from 2016 also showed that 90 percent of graduates consider this program beneficial for their careers.

The web-based survey performed in fall 2016 addressed alumni of the 2016 class who had an average of 2.5 years work experience. By enrolling in a management program, the respondents particularly intended to accelerate promotion in their current company or a change to a different company and/or industry. All surveyed graduates were able to boost their careers with the Master’s degree from HHL; more than 30 percent moved up the ladder within their company while 40 percent received a promotion by changing companies.

Career boost: profile development for graduates

Martina Beermann, Director of HHL’s Career Service, says, “The salary increase for M.Sc. graduates is not without grounds as they generate added value for the company and therefore stand out. In addition to vital in-depth specialization, completing a Master in Management program at HHL also helps the young professionals to develop their profiles. Many of them want to climb the career ladder but do not know how to get a promotion. The question is: do they do the right things and do they do them in the right way? We offer special workshops on this particular topic so that they can achieve higher visibility within their company.” The career expert adds, “Equipped with the knowledge of the part-time M.Sc., the graduates find it easier to build bridges when changing functions within the company.”

Thorsten Daniel, Business Manager to the CEO at Arvato SCM Solutions, has achieved that. He explains, “Within the ranks of Bertelsmann subsidiary Arvato, I changed from Business Development to Strategy and on to my current position as a Business Manager. With the university-level Master in Management degree, I particularly benefit from the depth of the program content and the combination of subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Finance in my everyday working life.” The graduate, who is originally from Paderborn, adds that it was not just HHL’s lively network but also the soft skills taught during the part-time program; for instance classes in leadership, communication and negotiation that were particularly helpful, especially in today’s fast-paced business world.

Application closing date and funding for HHL’s part-time M.Sc.

Those wishing to start HHL’s part-time M.Sc. program in Leipzig, Munich or Cologne in September must act quickly. The closing date for applications is June 20, 2017. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, the candidates must have an excellent command of English as well as initial professional experience and pass HHL’s Entry Test. Good to know: tuition fees for HHL’s part-time Master programs are eligible for funding of up to 50 percent through the European Social Fund (ESF). Employees may apply for funding individually or through their employers, a small or medium-sized enterprise. For more information on the application process, ESF and other funding options contact: Ms. Annegret Zettler, e-mail: annegret.zettler(at)hhl.de or watch here.

The Part-Time Master in Management Program (M.Sc.)

The Part-Time Master in Management Program (M.Sc.) addresses Bachelor graduates with a background in business administration who would like to boost their careers with an M.Sc. from one of the leading business schools in Germany and can be completed within 24 – 30 months depending on the workload on the job. The program is taught over a total of 14 – 16 course weekends in Leipzig, Munich or Cologne as well as four residential weeks on the HHL campus in Leipzig. The part-time program is closely related to the ongoing full-time M.Sc. program and is taught entirely in English. Internationally renowned professors teach extended management skills and leadership competencies. HHL’s M.Sc. program is characterized by a research-oriented profile while simultaneously bridging the gap to the practice of management. Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship are offered as fields of specialization. The students may also complete an additional term at one of HHL’s over 130 partner universities to expand their intercultural competencies. Moreover, the program provides the participants with excellent networking opportunities with HHL’s extensive alumni network. The tuition fees for a program at HHL are eligible for funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and are tax-deductible.

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