4SHAPE – Student Share Amazing Professional Experiences in 4 Minutes

written by Alexander Müller (HHL student)

teaser2“Have you ever wondered, whether there is more about business than the job you had done before? Or did you already find the world’s best job? Because many young people face the same questions and are always open for new possible internship or job positions, we at HHL have several voluntary offers, where students can broaden their horizons and get inspiration on the many interesting opportunities they have after graduating from HHL.

Because both MBA and M.Sc. require professional experience as an admission criteria, some of our students thought to take this as an opportunity and created 4SHAPE.


teaser14SHAPE stands for “4 Minutes to SHare Amazing Professional Experiences”. It’s a student driven event, where everyone has the chance the share his or her professional experiences with classmates. On October 6th, this was started and 16 students from MBA and MSc classes participated to present to valuable insights from jobs in food-delivery to IT consulting and from logistics to chocolate production. It was a lively evening with rewarding pitches, cold beer and interactive Q&A.

We are looking forward to come together for another 4SHAPE in March 2017 to share experiences from the internships done in the meantime.”



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