2017 Graduation: Starting a Future With the Tools From HHL

Great joy among 244 HHL students from 39 countries: they celebrate the completion of their Master of Science, MBA or doctoral programs at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management by accepting their diplomas and throwing their caps in the air on Saturday, August 26, 2017. 

The festive ceremony started with an ecumenical service at Leipzig’s St. Thomas Church with a photo call following that.
As the certificates were subsequently presented, the new Dean of HHL, Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, concluded, “I personally will not be satisfied with HHL’s education until we succeed in encouraging our graduates – that is you – to mature during their time at our school and through our guidance. Until you have developed a healthy curiosity for new things and we have given you the necessary tools to put this curiosity into practice. In this context, please always remember HHL’s mission to train effective, responsible and entrepreneurially-minded leaders.”

Commencement address by Dr. Fritz Jaeckel, Chief of the Saxon State Chancellery

In his commencement address, Dr. Fritz Jaeckel, Chief of the Saxon State Chancellery, said to the HHLers, “You can be proud of yourselves as you attended a special university which has been recognized nationally and internationally.” The politician also offered some advice regarding the future careers of the graduates, commenting, “It is not just the will to shape and lead; no, it is the unconditional will to work hard and succeed that I wish upon you. You have obtained the tools at HHL. Put them to good use!”

Honorary Doctorate Conferred to Dr. Manfred Gentz

HHL conferred an honorary doctorate to Dr. Manfred Gentz, a former Daimler executive and Chairman of the German Corporate Governance Code Commission, for his long commitment as a responsible shaper of the German economy and promoter of science. According to HHL’s Dean, Prof. Dr. Stephan Stubner, the experienced lawyer and corporate executive accomplished great things throughout his career, sustainably building the German economy. The economist Prof. Dr. Wulff Plinke, Chairman of the University Council of the University of Münster, gave the laudation on Dr. Gentz.

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