Hermann Großmann (1872-1952)


Just like Eugen Schmalenbach, Hermann Großmann was one of the first students at Handelshochschule Leipzig (1898).

In 1900, he obtained his diploma as a certified teacher for commercial subjects at Handelshochschule Leipzig. From 1916 on, he also worked as a professor in ordinary here.

Großmann was an economist recognizing the signs of the times. He stood up for a curriculum required for a then state-of-the art academic training in the field of business administration. He considered it vitally important to establish fixed chairs with capable professors who would have assistants for research and teaching. He also argued that the proportion of business administration lectures should be increased significantly, reasoning that this discipline had become an area of extensive research and knowledge, mainly represented by the commercial colleges and influencing their development significantly. His ideas were implemented in the following years as Handelshochschule Leipzig was expanded and transformed into a completely independent business school.

Großmann was particularly active in the field of business taxation and founded Germany’s first Taxation Institute in Leipzig in 1920.

Moreover, Großmann served as Dean of Handelshochschule Leipzig between 1928 and 1931.

Photo: HHL