Heribert Meffert (*1937)


Germany’s “Marketing Pope” Heribert Meffert joined the marketing commission for the re-establishment of HHL in 1992. In 1995, he was appointed the first Dean of the new business school and served as the Chairholder of the Chair of Marketing Management at the same time. Among his greatest lasting accomplishments are the qualification of the university concept and the recruitment of qualified professors. The concept of the school focused on the goal of providing attractive alternatives for the academic training of future managers at the economics faculties at state universities which were bursting with applicants at the time and therefore creating a completely different profile than those self same faculties. The concept of the new HHL was based on that of the old one; i.e. a holistic approach to economics research and teaching (“integrated management”), a close connection between theory and practice, an international focus for the program and systematic promotion of leadership behavior and social competence.

Additionally, Prof. Meffert made a significant contribution to the development of HHL’s Diploma program with regards to content and concept. In 1998, he was awarded honorary membership in the HHL Alumni Association, in 1999, he received an honorary doctorate from HHL.

Meffert was one of the first professors in Germany to deal with the field of marketing. He founded Germany’s first Institute of Marketing at the University of Münster where he served as the Director for many years. The researcher was a founding member of the Münster Academic Society for Marketing and Business Leadership, which is led by HHL Professor Manfred Kirchgeorg today.

In July 2012, HHL appointed Prof. Heribert Meffert, along with Prof. Horst Albach, Honorary Professor of Business Administration at HHL. Through this, the first business school established in Germany acknowledges the scientists’ commitment and accomplishments surrounding the establishment of the HHL Center for Advanced Studies in Management (CASiM), among other things.

Prof. Meffert, who is a member of the Executive Board of CASiM, says: “CASiM has set itself the ambitious goal of contributing to the further development of the subject of business administration in profit and non-profit companies under the umbrella aspect of leadership. Questions of trust, innovation and change management will be the focal points. They refer to the significance and the realignment of market-oriented research as well. With its approach to research, CASiM also plays a part in securing and expanding competitive advantages in the Leipzig locale.”

Photo: Marketing Center Münster