Fundiswa Ndaba (*1984)

Fundiswa Ndaba_HHL_2

Fundiswa Ndaba recently joined HHL’s Center for Advanced Studies in Management (CASiM) as a Research Assistant. She and her colleague, Vietnamese Linh Nguyen, have both received scholarships from the Friede Springer Foundation. HHL is glad to have this foundation support the establishment of the research school at CASiM.

CASiM is an interdisciplinary international research center at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, focusing on “business administration for the 21st century”. Within the four main topics of CASiM, “The Role of Trust in Firms and with its Stakeholders”, “Change Management in Firms and Markets”, “Health Care Economics and Management of Health Care Institutions” and “Urban Dynamics: Cities and Firms in Global Competition”, the combined knowledge from the different subdisciplines of business administration and economics will be applied.

The given name of Ms. Ndaba, Fundiswa, is a word in isiXhosa that means “Learned”, it seems this young lady is following her name. In 2012, she completed a Master’s in Business Administration focusing on Small Enterprise Promotion and Training at the University of Leipzig. She also holds a Bachelor’s with Honours in Strategic Cost Management as well as a Bachelor’s in Financial Accounting both from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Her career began in 2005 as a Management Accountant at Eskom, the state-owned electricity producer. In 2007, she changed careers working as an Equities Trader for Coronation Fund Managers. Ambitious and determined to change and improve the socio-economic position of South Africans, she relocated to Johannesburg in 2008 and began her career as a Change Agent consulting to blue chip companies and government on Strategic Transformational Policy Development and Implementation. At CASIM, her research will focus on Change Management and its effects on firms and markets.

Having left South Africa, its diverse and cheerful people, the sun, and the oceans more than two years ago to live, study and experience Europe through Leipzig, Germany, she has found a second home. Even though there are many contrasts, the similarities are more profound. In South Africa everyone loves a good braai, in Leipzig the parks are buzzing with people simply enjoying a barbeque. Leipzig hosts various festivals all year round from the gothic festival full of cheerful people dressed in the strangest outfits to the gorgeous Christmas market. The first white Christmas, with real snow was a phenomenal experience. All in all, the greatest experience for Fundiswa Ndaba in Germany and Europe as a whole is the efficiency of the transport system. Being able to ride a bike to school, or take a tram to the city center or hop on a train going from one country to another is something she’d love to replicate back home.

Photo: HHL