We are HHL. Voices & Faces. 4

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Estelle Zanga (Cameroon):

“HHL gave me the tools to influence the world in a positive way, while allowing me to be my crazy and creative self and growing every day.”


Jakob Fenzl (Germany):

„HHL gives me the chance to develop myself in a young, international and creative environment!“


Ron Gabay (Israel):

„To reinvent products or services you must first be able to reinvent yourself – joining HHL is my way to reinvent myself, personally and professionally.“


Luis Fernando Orozco Mora (Mexico):

„HHL enables me to actively study, participate and negotiate with a diverse group of new found friends.“


Shashwat Dave (India):

„I chose the HHL MBA because of its unique program structure and class diversity.“


Carl Ferdinand Hauer (Germany):

„I chose HHL because of the truly entrepreneurial spirit, which gives me great inspirations and the tools to execute them.“


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