We are HHL. Voices & Faces. 1

_l0a0352Johannes & Niclas (Germany)


Luis Orlando Villacorta Castellon (El Salvador):

„HHL enables me to become both a better professional as well as a better person.“


Taís Cristina Simas Moreira da Costa (Brazil):

„HHL provides students with an ideal mix of theory, practice and networking.“


Niclas Vieten (Germany):

„Here at HHL you experience that you can always learn from your fellow classmates and that you always have to develop further.“


Aneesh Bhardwaj (India):

„Focus on Entrepreneurship makes Full Time MBA at HHL Leipzig an easy choice!“


Claudia Tänzer (Germany):

„For me HHL is the place where I am invited to share my thoughts and get creative.“


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